Saboteur365 Commenter Hilu Publishes Ground Report From Canada


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Commenter Hilu published this comment on another story on saboteur365. I’m publishing it as a separate post, along with some additional information relevant to the multicultural-loving government of Canada.

Even though there are millions of guns in Canada, we would never mount any resistance to anything.
We have been too brainwashed. The country is too spread out to realize the multicult threat until it is too late.
In 10 years, Brampton, a formerly white city outside of Toronto decreased the white population from 60% to 30%. Now it’s probably at least 80% non-white, mostly brown.

In Alberta (what was once the most white/farmer/worker/conservative/cowboys province) the capital Calgary has a muslim mayor who has come out saying there are too many whites. He wants more diversity in top city positions, regardless of talent.

I firmly believe a population cannot absorb any more than 2% foreigners…

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