Is Multi-Culti A CULT?


By Anna Tree
Of course, multiculturalism is a cult containing all the religious zeal of promoting salvation!

The word “salvation” implies we are in danger, need help and/or need to be rescued. This is not true!We don’t need multiculturalism, it is no salvation; in fact, it has the opposite affect by destroying and killing us.

Like other cultists, liberalists are willing to die for their faith of multiracialist/moral relativism/political correctness dogmas.

I questioned homosexuality and miscegenation, ...Miscegenation is the suicide of one’s own race. A mixed marriage kills half of one’s genes and one’s image (your descendants are forever different from you). It’s Avraham smashing the idols all over again, although this time around, Whiteness being the false god (or false gods of different white skin tones, eyes colors, hair color, with or without freckles, etc).

Salvation (The Cranberries song)Liberalists can redeem themselves by brainwashing their kids to miscegenate, or at least adopt NON-white children to take the…

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