Canada’s Lost Freedoms


Jayne Gardener

I am a Canadian by birth … born to parents who came to this country to make a new life for themselves and my two older siblings in 1948 when jobs were scarce in England following the devastation of World War II. My father came alone at first, obtaining a job doing manual labour for $35 dollars a week until, after about 6 months, he had finally saved enough (money) to send for his family.

[…] (I happened along in 1952).


At that time, Canadawas a far better country than it has become. We had a military that we could still be proud of. At the end of World War II Canada had approximately 1.1 million men and women in uniform, a bigger percentage than the American military and we had the third largest navy in the world.


Lester B. Pearson, for example…

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