“Playing Us” For Fools


Immigration Watch Canada

This describes the steps taken by an Israeli man, his wife and two children in how they (fraudulently) applied for asylum in Canada, continued from a story we published in November of 2011.

See the following for Part 1 http://www.immigrationwatchcanada.org/2011/11/23/nov-23-2011-lying-our-way-to-canada/

Our intention is to alert Canadians of the amount and type of fraud perpetuated by many asylum-seekers in Canada. This particular family did succeed in defrauding our country, but the head of the household felt ashamed for taking benefits intended for genuine refugees and eventually left Canada.

The word “refugee” is often used to elicit waves of sympathy. Most Canadians do not object to giving refugee status to genuine applicants, but those numbers cannot be limitless. 

Over 800,000 “refugees” have been processed here since 1989, and  a significant number these claimants are fraudulent in nature. These occurrences should have alerted Ottawa to implement regulations which reflected a…

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