Fed-up Canadians


From E.W. Bopp who lives in Metro-Vancouver

English: Passport Stamp issued by Immigration ...

Not even the most rationally convincing arguments on immigration & refugee issues have been able to subdue the passionate backlash that … in Canada … has dogged all efforts to reform a system that has been hijacked by and become the territorial preserve of a self-serving lucrative domestic immigration industry of refugee lawyers, politically appointed IRB judges and the demographic [ethnic] dictates of electoral politics.

All anxious hand wringing and [self] righteous political posturing to the contrary, as long as Ottawa‘s political mindset stubbornly opposes the notion of real reform of the Western world’s most generous and porous refugee system, by hiding behind the universality of Canada’s sacrosanct Charter of Rights and Freedoms, we will indeed remain “the land of trusting fools”, as put so aptly a while ago by a Russian security official.

The Centre Block on Parliament Hill, containin... The Centre Block on Parliament Hill, containing the houses…

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