Britain’s Diminishing White Race


crowd_surge2“Darkness” Descending on Great Britain (Photo: The Green Arrow)


WHITE Britonswill become a minority in a dozen towns and cities within 30 years, a study has revealed.

Record levels of immigration combined with higher birth rates among newcomers will tip the balance between Whites and non-whites … and create a string of “super-diverse” cities where no single group will form a majority.

The watershed is expected to be reached first in Leicester, where Whites will form less than 50% of the population by 2020, followed by Birmingham in 2024, and by Slough and Luton soon afterwards.

London’s population will still be 61%White by 2026, although eight of the city’s 33 boroughs will be ‘plural’, with no one group forming a majority, according to the study from the University of Sheffield.

[UPDATE: London’s WHITE populationis

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The Great Racial Divide


By Dr. William Pierce


There has been an enormous increase in the percentage of lawbreakers in America primarily because the social institutions that used to keep anti-social activity in check … have been destroyed: deliberately destroyed.

And this has gone hand in hand with the growth of liberal attitudes and liberal public policies.

An example: In 1930 there was a very strict policy of racial segregation almost everywhere in the United States, in the North as well as in the South. Blacks did not live in the same neighborhoods as Whites, they did not eat in the same restaurants, they did not go to the same schools, and for the most part, they did not work in the same offices and shops as Whites.

Drinking fountain on the county courthouse law... Drinking fountain on the county courthouse lawn, Halifax, North Carolina

Blacks who were found loitering in White neighborhoods, even in the…

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FRANCE Is Falling Fast


French Language (English Sub-titles)


Racist AFRICAN… RAPES 19 French Women

A Russian news team reports on how FRANCE is being ruined by 3rd World MultiCulturalism. (Russian Language (English sub-titles) Source:


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Meanwhile… >>> back in the ole’ U.S.A.

AND … Professor Andrew Fraser in Australia WARNED us in 2005 about these dangers, when he said:

Experience, practically everywhere in the world, tells us that an expanding BLACK population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems”.

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Did You Know…

Australia Meets With BLACK Crime

Black Violence Comes To IRELAND


Sweden Tops In Rapes

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Canada Open To Immigrant Abuse


By PaxCanadiana

This article appeared in the Winnipeg Sun.

Though it is an argument as to why English (and French) should be mandatory for all potential immigrants, the piece does highlight how family reunification has been abused to sidestep such trivialities as language proficiency and pertinent job skills to import, what are — dare I say? — 2nd or 3rd-rate immigrants into the country.

Over the years, Canada’s liberal multicultural policy has encouraged family re-unifications, letting in members and spouses (within just six months) without demanding any language proficiency or educational qualifications.

The intent of this policy may have been benign, but the consequences have not been so benign. People have taken advantage of this policy to import into Canada their whole clans.

By waiving linguistic proficiency for family members, Canada has indeed helped spawn a scandalous spousal industry in its immigrant communities.

Imported spouses

Since they have…

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Dangerous Reality of “Diversity”

Will WHITES Survive?


Today’sWhite Nations are “BROWNING OUT” as did former White nations from thousands of years ago.


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FRANCE Is Falling Fast



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Anti-White Brainwashing


By Tucker

For the last 60+ years, which is approximately the amount of time that the most deadly brainwashing mechanism ever known in world history has been up and running, and in the hands of our virulently ANTI-White Cultural Marxist enemies – meaning — Television and the motion picture industry — this brainwashing weapon has deliberately, and with premeditated malice aforethought has been used to indoctrinate the masses with endless anti-Whitethemes, messages, and negative portrayals of White European people.

Inducing young, vulnerable school children into a mold of ANTI-white thought.

Strong, virile Black Man matched against a Wimpish White Guy. Coincidence? Of course, not!


A 1984 PARTIAL Interview with a former propaganda KGB Agent



In the beginning, the Cultural Marxists had to be careful due to the wisdom of our former WASP ruling elites, because they had the old

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