Can SWEDEN Survive Multi-Racialism?


English: Britt Ekland and Peter Sellers 1964. ... Britt Ekland & Peter Sellers in 1964

SWEDEN has undergone a dramatic change since the 1960s when actress Britt Ekland graced the silver screen as a beautiful, Swedish blond icon.

Today, we have socialist immigration enthusiasts eagerly importing low-IQ, 3rd world people to live amongst the more progressive and enterprising Swedes, and who are world-renowned for creating such famous industrial brand names as Volvo, Saab and Scania automobiles, Ericsson telecommunications, SKF industries, and others.

The Swedes also have a reputation of paying some of the highest taxes in the western world… money originally intended to support their own indigenous citizens from a cradle to grave existence.

However, that has changed for the worst! Over ONE MILLION inharmonious peoples (including their progeny) from “developing” countries have now infiltrated this small, White European nation of only 9.6 million people, and rapidly growing LESS White every year.


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