Has SWEDEN Gone Insane?


Swedish Public Broadcaster svt.se Supports “Mixing It Up

This state-sponsored propaganda video, disguised as “humour”, contain such lyrics as — “Hey, blond girl, take a black man between your legs and mix it up”

…and it seems all this “friendly advice for the Swedes” comes courtesy of — none other than the Israelis — as in these revealing lyrics, “Now it’s like this, many of my homies from ISRAEL are doing it in Rammallah every night”. That’s not true…>


H/T http://saboteur365.wordpress.com/

Beautiful blue-eyed white baby--there are not enough of them being born to replace the white population, which is shrinking in absolute numbers;  a white "baby boom" is required if the white race is to not go as extinct as the dinosaur

If “somebody” doesn’t want you seeing the TRUTH on Youtube, and they pull this video….click HERE instead.


…and to continue with this Swedish INSANITY


“A Racial Program For The 20th Century”

…and, on a final note as quoted from a letter from Karl Marx to Baruch Levy. Quoted…

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