Tennesseans urging US Senators to block possible border surge to Tennessee

Refugee Resettlement Watch

cctn Posted on the door of Catholic Charities office in Nashville. I wonder when the “and Child Welfare Program” was added to the sign?

Update July 16th:  We learn that hard Left ‘Imagine 2050’ attacks Tennesseans calling them “nativists” here.

Update July 15th:  New alert today in Tennessee, here.

Update July 12th:  Every day since this was first posted (July 7) it has remained at the very top of our Top Posts!

Editor: This is an action alert making the rounds in Tennessee. Use it as a model for what you can do to protect your state and our national sovereignty!

(See also, VDARE call to action, here).

ALERT Re: Border Surge and Tennessee

Do Federal Contractors Plan to Bring Illegals Surging the Border to Tennessee?

Before Tennessee Sens. Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander voted YES on amnesty they were advised by border law enforcement that…

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