U.S. White Births Under 50%


WHITE babies accounted for only 49.6%of all births in the 12-month period that ended in July, 2011 according to U.S. Census Bureau data made public on Thursday, while minorities that include Hispanics, blacks, Asians and those of mixed race—reached 50.4%, representing a majority for the first time in United State’s history.

An attempt at a discrimination graphic.

Rev. Jed DeValleyism

Now that millions of news-consuming Whites, especially the MSM elites themselves, are aware that the White future is past the tipping point, and that we’re giving birth to the first minority White generation on these (U.S.) shores in three centuries, then fears of being called “racist” will decline.

A growing consciousness of our victimhood from the “hate” crime called the Diversity Curse and our minoritization will cause a push back. It’s inevitable. We won’t fear being called “racist” when we are become more and more vulnerable to “diversity”…

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