Canada Is A Sinking Lifeboat



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As promised, something big is brewing, and I am now in a position to write about it.

The Canadian Red Ensign Society  is a new Calgary-based group that is currently being incorporated. The Red Ensign Society is seeking to preserve and maintain the cultural, historical and political foundations that Canada was built upon.

This group is the only organised vehicle in Canada which will vigorously defend the dominance of the English language and advocate for the complete dismantling of official multiculturalism, as well as drastic reductions in immigration levels.

Below are the Red Ensign Society’s statement of principles: 

English: Proposed Canadian flag in 1946; red e... Proposed Canadian flag in 1946; red ensign with a golden maple leaf badge.

The Red Ensign Society Statement of Principles:

1)Canada must remain a predominately English Nation.

2) Canada is a nation of (original) PIONEERS… not immigrants.

3) Official multiculturalism

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