A Dying Race


In 100 years the WHITE race will have NO nations of its own. But every other race will. Just think about it. No – wait a minute. I mean, all you folks who are not White … think about it. All you White folks … never mind.

[World population by race:   92% NON-white —- 8% White]

I didn’t mean to actually ask you to think about it. After all, that would require effort. And I wouldn’t want to interrupt your busy day. And anyway, your cultures are hardly worth preserving anyway. If they were, you’d be doing it already. Right, my Dutch, British and Canadian friends?


Quick! – name me five multicultural countries.

I bet you did NOT name a single country in Africa, Greater Asia, the Middle East, South America, or Central America – did you? Every nation you named was in North America or Europe (Australia/New Zealand) – was it not? Nations that were founded and developed into the most desirable and successful societies in the world byWhite folk. And nations that were — until a few generations ago — inhabited mainly by White folk.


But not any more! Now they are multicultural societies – the only societies on the face of the planet where the founding majority-race actually decided to commit cultural genocide on themselves. I know it’s hard to believe, but its true. Virtually all nations that were once culturally unique to White folks are now multi-hued, tribal hodgepodges with no common understanding of their culture, heritage or future.


It frightens me to contemplate that — in a few short generations — White folks like me will have no culturally unique societies to call their own. Whether you are a White Canadian, a White citizen of France, a White German, a White Swede, a White Finlander, a White person from the Netherlands or a White anyone. Not a single White person on this planet will be able to live in a nation that is culturally unique to them and that they can call their own.

But everyone ELSE will.

It’s a testament to the accomplishments of White folk. Everyone else wants to be where WE are, to bask in the glow of OUR success, drink from the fountains WE have built and eat from the buffet tables WE have set. And that’s O.K. because generosity and sharing is what Christianity (the basis of all western White cultures) is all about. But, in the process of sharing our wealth with the world, did we really have to relinquish our cultures too? Did we have to sell-out all that our forefathers struggled for, fought for and believed in? Did we have to abandon our identity and our past in such a cavalier and unnecessary manner? No one person put a gun to our heads. No one threatened us. We had a choice all along – we could have done what every generation in history has done and required newcomers to OUR countries to bend to us. Instead, we decided to bend to them.


With no precedent to look to – no successful historical models to refer to – we decided that it would be a “good thing” if we, on purpose, let millions of foreigners come to OUR countries, form ethnically-separate tribes within OUR borders and essentially ignore OUR cultures.


With no proof that such action would have any positive results for our children, we White folks somehow decided that other cultures must be given equal consideration and respect within the borders of our OWN nations. My God, can anyone tell me what borders are for, if not to help people protect and preserve their OWN cultural identity and way of life? Why do we have any borders at all if our culture is so unworthy of defending?

We have become brainwashed. And me, as well. Even as I wrote the preceding paragraph, I felt slightly dirty – like the comments were somehow “racist” or something. How on earth is it “racist” for a people to want to live their lives within a secure border among people like them who share the same history and understanding of life?

And do you want to hear something sick and twisted? You know how White folks are constantly told that it is “racist” to prefer being around their own kind? Well, if you think about it, this preference is, in fact, the very basis for multiculturalism itself. We are told that folks from foreign cultures need to form their own communities so they can be with their own kind, have a sense of belonging and be happy. Get it? It’s “racist” if we do it to them, but perfectly acceptable if they do it to us.

Of course, aside from the “sick and twisted”, there’s also the “sad and ironic”. While multiculturalism lets foreigners in Western societies surround themselves with their own kind to the exclusion of all others, it also erodes the ability of the founding White race to enjoy the same privilege within their OWN nations. The more foreign cultures that are vying for space; the less space there is for the founding culture to enjoy and the more space the founding culture is forced to abandon to foreigners.


Even now, entire neighbourhoods and cities are being overrun by people whose main intention is to grow their foreign culture within the host nations and increase their influence and political power. Their communities are largely insular and separate from traditional White culture. And every square mile of land they occupy, is a square mile lost to White culture.

Maybe its poetic justice. Years ago, Whites colonized many of their nations by force, now they are colonizing ours by stealth through the back door with our permission.

Whatever the case, if you are White you should cherish the little bit of culture you have left here in the West. In 100 years, your race will have no nations to call their own. They will likely not even have any nations that they control politically, what with the astronomical abortion rates and miniscule birthrates among Whites.

Like lemmings rushing towards the cliff edge, White folk are on a journey to oblivion. Voluntarily, and almost eagerly, they have taken steps to ensure that future generations of their kind are politically disempowered and culturally marginalized. They have implemented social policies that will surely relegate them to minority status in their own nations within this century. Eventually, they will be just another multiculti, minority voice crying out to have their interests known amongst dozens of other multiculti voices, each focused solely on their own needs. It is the natural outcome of this culturally fragmented, tribal society that we have willfully created.


For a brief shining moment, White people had it all. They were rulers of their lands and masters of their destiny. They lived safely together, immersed in a comfortable cocoon of cultural familiarity and belonging. They shared a common purpose and set of values and a common identity. THEY KNEW WHO THEY WERE.

Nowadays, Whites don’t know who they are, where they are, where they are going or where they’ll end up. And the saddest part is not that they don’t know – it’s that they don’t care. As such, they deserve whatever unpleasantness destiny typically delivers to such complacent, unappreciative dandies.

Wherever White people end up, though, I know one thing – there’ll be a lot of other people there who don’t look like them and don’t think like them. A lot of other people who share nothing with them in the way of cultural values. A lot of other people who have a drastically different idea about what their society should look like. And a lot of other people whose first priority will be to defend their own cultural interests and take care of their own. Something White people sadly failed to do.

Source:  http://imnotparanoid.blogspot.ca/2007/04/they-knew-who-they-were.html#comments




Can SWEDEN Survive Multi-Racialism?


English: Britt Ekland and Peter Sellers 1964. ... Britt Ekland & Peter Sellers in 1964

SWEDEN has undergone a dramatic change since the 1960s when actress Britt Ekland graced the silver screen as a beautiful, Swedish blond icon.

Today, we have socialist immigration enthusiasts eagerly importing low-IQ, 3rd world people to live amongst the more progressive and enterprising Swedes, and who are world-renowned for creating such famous industrial brand names as Volvo, Saab and Scania automobiles, Ericsson telecommunications, SKF industries, and others.

The Swedes also have a reputation of paying some of the highest taxes in the western world… money originally intended to support their own indigenous citizens from a cradle to grave existence.

However, that has changed for the worst! Over ONE MILLION inharmonious peoples (including their progeny) from “developing” countries have now infiltrated this small, White European nation of only 9.6 million people, and rapidly growing LESS White every year.


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Has SWEDEN Gone Insane?


Swedish Public Broadcaster svt.se Supports “Mixing It Up

This state-sponsored propaganda video, disguised as “humour”, contain such lyrics as — “Hey, blond girl, take a black man between your legs and mix it up”

…and it seems all this “friendly advice for the Swedes” comes courtesy of — none other than the Israelis — as in these revealing lyrics, “Now it’s like this, many of my homies from ISRAEL are doing it in Rammallah every night”. That’s not true…>


H/T http://saboteur365.wordpress.com/

Beautiful blue-eyed white baby--there are not enough of them being born to replace the white population, which is shrinking in absolute numbers;  a white "baby boom" is required if the white race is to not go as extinct as the dinosaur

If “somebody” doesn’t want you seeing the TRUTH on Youtube, and they pull this video….click HERE instead.


…and to continue with this Swedish INSANITY


“A Racial Program For The 20th Century”

…and, on a final note as quoted from a letter from Karl Marx to Baruch Levy. Quoted…

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Tennesseans urging US Senators to block possible border surge to Tennessee

Refugee Resettlement Watch

cctn Posted on the door of Catholic Charities office in Nashville. I wonder when the “and Child Welfare Program” was added to the sign?

Update July 16th:  We learn that hard Left ‘Imagine 2050’ attacks Tennesseans calling them “nativists” here.

Update July 15th:  New alert today in Tennessee, here.

Update July 12th:  Every day since this was first posted (July 7) it has remained at the very top of our Top Posts!

Editor: This is an action alert making the rounds in Tennessee. Use it as a model for what you can do to protect your state and our national sovereignty!

(See also, VDARE call to action, here).

ALERT Re: Border Surge and Tennessee

Do Federal Contractors Plan to Bring Illegals Surging the Border to Tennessee?

Before Tennessee Sens. Bob Corker and Lamar Alexander voted YES on amnesty they were advised by border law enforcement that…

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Killing Somalis With American Kindness


Embedding this video is proving troublesome, so click:
…AND, they’re so-called REFUGEES,… not “immigrants”.


Over the past few years, this community (Shelbyville, Tennessee) has given a helping hand and opened their arms to the new arrivals from Somalia.

In return, many of these refugees have given Shelbyville the finger!

When I began researching this story about theSomalis, I knew it would be controversial. We were aware that many in Shelbyville were having serious concerns about hundreds of Sunni Muslims moving here. But as I began to talk with officials and others about our new neighbors, I was stunned by the reaction. Practically every person I spoke with locally said they had done everything possible to help out the refugees in adjusting to their new home and were treated very badly in return.

On the other hand, some I…

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“Asylum Seekers” Hit Jackpot


A new analysis of benefit figures by BNP News has revealed that a newly-arrived (foreign & purported) “asylum seeker” with three children can claim MORE in benefits per month than a British pensioner.

If the “asylum seeker” or refugee has more dependents, the amount of benefits rises proportionally.

Currently, the basic state pension for a single British person is £95.25 a week. This rises to £152.30 for a couple. Whether they get this full amount depends on how many national insurance contribution years they have completed.

The basic pension is lower than the income support threshold, so if they have no other income, state pensioners can top up with income support. This comes in the form of a means-tested Pension Credit which brings the weekly amount up to £130 for a single person and £198.45 for a couple.

‘Asylum seekers’, on the other hand, get £40…

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