A Sense of Belonging


UK - London - Westminster: Parliament Square -... Robert Peel Statue

Frank Kimbal Johnson

In the latest outburst of liberal inanity, the Home Secretary has urged ethnic minorities to acquire a greater sense of belonging in Britain.

As a former management consultant, I recall being all too frequently obliged to give some highly-opinionated, but deluded people, a blinding glimpse of the obvious. Such habits are hard to break, so here I am again to tell the Home Secretary and all his kind that the reason why the ethnic minorities feel no sense of belonging in Britain is (because) they do not belong here.

They know this, and so do most of the native population. Oh sure, they can learn to speak English well enough to get by from one transaction to the next, just as I once learned quite a lot of Arabic as a matter of personal expediency. But no-one took me for an Arab

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