One Proud European Nation


It’s Estonia in 2007

Note: Audio ceases during the last 30 seconds at 4:28, but feel free to play it over again… and again!

….and here’s another video clip with different performers below.

Unlike many other parts of Europe, this White homogeneous country appears to have prevented the onslaught of 3rd world multi-racialism from taking root in their sovereign nation. Japan is another nation that has no interest in “multiculturalism“.

Amounting to only 8% of the world’s population, minority White people are becoming a rare breed amongst the “other” 92% who occupy this planet.’s_racial_demographics

Even Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany recently declared — that attempts to build a multicultural (multi-racial) society had “utterly failed“.

In another European nation, theBritish governmentdeliberately set up plans to alter the makeup of their own white indigenous population, thus creating serious race-based problems that serve no one…

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