Black Culture Retarding White Kids



By John Tyndall

INCREASING ALARM is being expressed by both government and educationalists over the failure of so many boys at school to match the standards of girl pupils.

Now, one of the latter has come forward with an admission that has alarmed the educational establishment and sent legions of the politically-correct into a fury.

Tony Sewell, a lecturer in education, has said that the influence of Black culture on many young people in Britain is having a positively retarding influence on their educational development affecting both sexes…. but boys, more than girls.

And the point that has got “under the skin” of the establishment the most, is the fact that Mr Sewell himself is Black!

Tony Sewell

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph last month, Sewell said that large sections of his [Black] community were not interested in intellectual activity, and that fashionable youth culture with…

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