Canada’s Immigrants No Help To Us


James Byron Bissett in winter 2007 James Bissett

By James Bissett,

The recent election campaign focused a great deal of attention on immigrant communities. There are good reasons for this.

Since 1990, Canada has been accepting about (250,000) newcomers each year…. and these numbers have caused a dynamic transformation in the demographic characteristics of our country.

[See: Canada’s Black Population

The Betrayal of Canada]

The pace of change is underlined by research done by Statistics Canada showing the phenomenal growth in the number of so-called ethnic enclaves since the early 1980s. Statistics Canada defines an ethnic enclave as a community where over 30 per cent of the population is of one ethnic group other than English or French. In 1981, there were six ethnic enclaves in Canada.

Today, there are 260 (ethnic enclaves)!!

Immigration has also had a powerful impact on our political system. All of the political parties favour large-scale…

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