Toronto Police “Losing Face”


Tom Godfrey
Toronto Sun Newspaper

TORONTO Police are working to recruit their first female Muslim officer to wear a hijab, six months after the headgear was approved for use by the force and community.

English: Hijab-Indonesia Anna Martadiningrat

[Do Canadians have any rights left when offering our dis-approval of this matter??]

And members of the Chief’s “Muslim Consultative Committee“, who helped draft the hijab policy, said they would also like halal food served in the cafeteria at police headquarters at 40 College St., and [also] at law enforcement functions.

[Have we Canadians gone mad?? Muslims demanding that HALAL food be served to them at Police HQ!? 

So now, we’re expected to submit to their 7th century Muslim culture at the expense our own traditions!?

These absurdities demonstrate how far we have capitulated to the “multi-culti” madness that is undermining our own traditions, while overtly destroying our country. 

When are spineless

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