MultiCultural Madness


Ricardo Duchesne

Since Canada was officially designated a “multicultural nation” during the prime ministership of Pierre Elliot Trudeau in the 1970s, the age-old British character of this nation has been under relentless assaults.

English: Pierre Trudeau speaking at a fundrais... Former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau

[See: Canadians Duped by Multiculturalism

View on Vancouver on October 1, 2005Vancouver, British Columbia

Multiculturalism promulgates the equality of all races, religions and cultures; accordingly, it demands a Canada in which no particular ethnic group has a privileged position in the nation’s history and culture.

Will Kymlicka, the most prominent scholar and salesperson of Canadian multiculturalism, sums up succinctly what it all entails: ‘Adopting multiculturalism is a way for Canadians to say that never again will we view Canada as a “White”’ country … as a “British” country (and hence compel non-British immigrants to relinquish or hide their ethnic identity).’ Non-British immigrants can retain and affirm their ethnic identity…

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