A Sense of Belonging


UK - London - Westminster: Parliament Square -... Robert Peel Statue

Frank Kimbal Johnson

In the latest outburst of liberal inanity, the Home Secretary has urged ethnic minorities to acquire a greater sense of belonging in Britain.

As a former management consultant, I recall being all too frequently obliged to give some highly-opinionated, but deluded people, a blinding glimpse of the obvious. Such habits are hard to break, so here I am again to tell the Home Secretary and all his kind that the reason why the ethnic minorities feel no sense of belonging in Britain is (because) they do not belong here.

They know this, and so do most of the native population. Oh sure, they can learn to speak English well enough to get by from one transaction to the next, just as I once learned quite a lot of Arabic as a matter of personal expediency. But no-one took me for an Arab

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Africans “Enriching” Australia


Ann Corcoran

… from NineNews, Justice Betty King says there have been numerous examples of African refugees coming before the (Australian) courts for offences linked to excessive consumption of alcohol.

Refugees from Sudan's Darfur RegionSUDANESE Economic “Refugee” on the road from a ‘rag to (welfare) riches’ lifestyle in Australia.

She says many young Africans appear to be spending their days drinking (alcohol) because they have nothing to do, and are seemingly dispossessed.

[ELN Editor’s Note: Of course, Black Africans are “seemingly dispossessed” because these 3rd-world illiterates are wholly incompatible to living with White Europeans. They inevitably suffer from the “envy complex” which they can never achieve, so they begin stewing in a cauldron of hatred which eventually boils over and unleashed against their gullible White benefactors. 

 For example, the violent behaviour patterns seen in this video and perpetrated against ordinary Australians gathered together for a festive occasion, would never have occurred…

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African Assault on Australia


Dan Oakes

THE social unrest experienced during the Cronulla riots could be replicated in the Melbourne suburbs due to high levels of crime among Sudanese and Somali-born residents, police have warned.

English: A young Somali man. A Somali man

(African) Sudanese and Somali-born Victorians (residents of the State of Victoria, AUS) are about five times (500%) more likely to commit crimes, official figures show, with assault and robbery the most common offences illustrating a trend of increasingly violent robberies by disaffected African youths.  [Not “disaffected”, but entirely incompatible with White Australians – Editor]

We’ve got to fix this now and make sure it doesn’t continue, so the kids who are now 10 years old aren’t in this offender bracket in five years’ time. So we don’t get the Cronullas happening,” the Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner, Tim Cartwright, said. ”[At Cronulla] you had a big chunk of…

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Immigration & Race


By Jeremy Rogers

If there was ever a question of critical importance for the future of western civilization, then it’s how to cope with the effects of a major racial demographic change as a result of continued non-European immigration, high reproduction rates in non-European groups, and low birthrates amongst white people.

Virtually all European nations, and United States, Canada, [Australia & New Zealand] cannot afford to ignore the social and cultural implications of this eventuality.

Given that White Europeans constitute less than 15% (actually 8%  Editor) of the worlds population, and that percentage is falling annually, there is a sound basis for patriots to be concerned about their prospects. At the moment the speed of this change is apparent in cities and urbanized areas. Already in London [England], population trends strongly indicate whites will become a minority in the capital by 2010

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Perils of Racial Diversity

Europe Is Dying




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One Proud European Nation


It’s Estonia in 2007

Note: Audio ceases during the last 30 seconds at 4:28, but feel free to play it over again… and again!

….and here’s another video clip with different performers below.

Unlike many other parts of Europe, this White homogeneous country appears to have prevented the onslaught of 3rd world multi-racialism from taking root in their sovereign nation. Japan is another nation that has no interest in “multiculturalism“.

Amounting to only 8% of the world’s population, minority White people are becoming a rare breed amongst the “other” 92% who occupy this planet.


Even Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany recently declared — that attempts to build a multicultural (multi-racial) society had “utterly failed“.

In another European nation, theBritish governmentdeliberately set up plans to alter the makeup of their own white indigenous population, thus creating serious race-based problems that serve no one…

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