A White Racial Crisis


Map of countries and territories by fertility ...

Russian President Putin gets it.  Do you?

Douglas Chism

Demographics are the facts and figures pertaining to various populations trends.

The science of demographics provides us with vital information concerning births and deaths, median age and affluence of a population, immigration and ethnic/racial shifts, and much more. This knowledge is important to our study of race.

Just 100 years ago — (circa) 1900 — there were approximately 2,000,000,000 persons inhabiting the earth. In fact, it had taken many thousands of years for a struggling population to even reach that relatively modest level.

Today … in only one century alone … due to scientific and technical advances in the production of food, the treatment of diseases, sanitary living conditions, and, most recently, welfare state social policies … planet earth’s population has grown to SEVEN BILLION (7,000,000,000 people).

The most significant factor in this unprecedented growth is that almost 98%

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