Death By Excess Immigration


Immigration Watch Canada


Here are some examples of what this (immigration) industry wants to see forgotten:

*That (Canada’s) First Nations, who have been here for thousands of years, have no interest in being re-colonized.

*That, like First Nations and most self-respecting people, both French Canadians whose history goes back 400 years, and English Canadians whose roots go back almost 250 years also have no interest in being colonized.

collage of english canadians Collage of PROUD CANADIANS

*That although Canada is not an ancient nation-state, so are many others; it has existed long enough to develop its inherited institutions and is admired by most other countries.

*That Canadians should feel a duty to their ancestors to respect Canada’s past, and not to erase it and treat the country as if all Canadians arrived yesterday, and that the new have just as much of a right to determine…

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