Canada, Land of Pandering Fools



By T.M.

It’s interesting the C.B.C. (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), and Ottawa’s political class,love to trumpet the appointment of a Haitian-bornGovernor General or a Vietnamese-bornCatholic Bishop, as examples of how wonderfully “tolerant” we are.

How long will we perpetuate this self-image of Canada as a land of opportunity, a place that needs “buckets of newcomers” to inject a vitality and drive, that native-born Canadians allegedly don’t have? Isn’t this immigrant-makes-good mythology wearing a little thin in 2010?

The family farm is dead… killed by agribusiness and the development and subdivision of prime farmland by immigration-driven population growth. We don’t need waves of immigrants to homestead anymore. Our secondary industry is dead…. killed by trade agreements and globalization.

The smokestack era is over. We don’t need more people from any source to “build” the country, to create a reserve…

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