Government Disloyal To Own Citizens


Photo by James Ashfield of Canadian artist Rob... Conference at QUEBEC 1864

By Kathleen Moore

The job of elected government is loyalty to its OWN citizens.

It is disloyal for government to deliberately squeeze its own citizens financially, socially, economically with far-leftist policies of “wealth redistribution” by forcing Canadians to compete for their own jobs, and on their own soil with foreigners.

Add to this the slur & libel — under intimidation from some willing media — who imply Canadians are “racists” if they object to having THEIR OWN TAX MONEY used to finance the very mass immigration that is competing for their jobs, thus depriving them of their hard-earned modest lifestyles.

Canada is moreover, constitutionally, NOTan “ethnic MIX, but a legal CONFEDERATION of its FOUNDING PEOPLES under their own sovereign legislatures established in 1867 to safeguard the fundamental right of these different communities to exist and to perpetuate themselves on their

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