Race Hustler Demands Recognition


English: Upper Cascades at UBC Okanagan  UBC Campus Kelowna

Some… Kelowna (British Columbia) residents say marketing materials and banners produced by the City of Kelowna are too White, and don’t reflect the “racial diversity” of the community.

[See: Diversity Is A Fraud]

[The 2006 Demographic Census reported a 94.5% White majority for this Canadian city, yet “some” non-whites (translation: 1 visible minority) bitterly complain of being ignored in local photographic banners! The 2011 figures from Stats Canada have yet to be released, but White Canadians can be assured they’ve been diminished in real numbers… and much to the glee of many racial-minorities.

 In 1981 this small city in south-central British Columbia was populated by nearly 100% of White Canadians. However, since the government foolishly began allowing the mass influx of 3rd-world immigrants (at the expense of White Europeans), it has become a regular feature for emboldened racial minorities to play their…

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