Guelph Importing Multi-Racialism

TORONTO News & Views

Local MPP Liz Sandals wants Guelph to become Ontario’s next “immigrant gateway community.”

The Guelph-Wellington MPP had a motion passed in the Ontario legislature yesterday morning recognizing that Guelph should be designated as a gateway city by the provincial Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.


Guelph is one of the more ethnically-diverse communities in Canada when you get outside the Greater Toronto Area.” [This statement is nonsense! Guelph’s population is about 90% White. -Editor-]
The city still has to apply to become a gateway community, if it wants the designation, she said.

Sandals said the designation would allow Guelph to be promoted on the Internet by provincial and federal immigration ministries as an attractive place for newcomers from other countries.

[See: Racial Diversity – A CON Game

“So there’s information about your region and people all over the world have access,” she said. “The only way a community grows…

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