Is Burlington TOO White?


A mid-sized CANADIAN city received a complaint from a foreign-born BLACK woman, and her committee ( likely comprised of other meddling foreigners ), that one of Canada’s five top-rated cities to reside in…. is (gasp) apparently “TOO WHITE”!

Yes… the city of Burlington, Ontario has now been reduced to 90% White (99% White in the 1970s) due to un-welcomed3rd world immigration into OUR country

English: The photo is of Brant Street in downt... Brant Street in downtown Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

But, it seems the “joys of diversity” are just not happening fast enough for this BLACK IMMIGRANT interloper who notes this hideous Whiteness is a problem for her… and the other  foolish committee people.

[See: Canada’s Black Population]

Imagine for a brief moment (I did say “brief”) as a White Canadian having emigrated to Kingston, Jamaica and noting that city as being “TOO BLACK”. Now, further imagine the…

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