Retract Canada’s “Nanny” Program


By Martin Collacott,
Guest Columnist,
The Province

H/T to Immigration Watch Canada

Recent reports on the abuse suffered by live-in caregivers from overseas, and in particular the case of Leticia Sarmiento, underline the need to protect the rights and ensure decent working conditions for such workers.

The live-in caregiver program itself, however, also requires a thorough review and overhaul in view of the questionable premises on which it is based.

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Live-in caregivers are the only “temporary” foreign workers who are virtually guaranteed permanent residence in Canada … if they can stick it out for two (2) years in the jobs for which they are hired.

In effect, the program ensures that the caregiver will be able to stay here permanently, and bring in their family members without having to meet the usual requirements for those coming here as members of…

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