The Sikhs Of Vancouver


There was a huge parade today. Thousands of Si...

Duncan Hengest

Racially and culturally, America has no closer kin than Canada.

In fact, nearly a quarter of English-speaking Canadians trace their roots to British loyalists who left the United States following the War of Independence. These steady supporters of the Empire have built a nation whose history of peace and prosperity makes it the envy of the world.

Today, however, Canada is in peril: the Canadian government is undermining the foundation of Canada’s tranquility by importing millions of Third-World people.


Year after year Vancouver ranks high on various lists of the world’s most livable cities.

However, Vancouver also has a darker side. It is home to a substantial community of Sikhs, the city’s most troublesome minority. Not only are Sikhs responsible for a very disproportionate share of crime, but they are culturally incompatible with White Canadians, and flex their political muscle in ways that harm

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