Police Surrender To Diversity


By Henry Makow Ph.D.

“Diversity” is an Admission of Cultural DEFEAT

Const. Gurvinder Singh Chakal: 'proud of myself'
(Photo by D. Lipnowski / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)

You’d be forgiven if you thought 35 yr. old Gurvinder Singh Chal,[above photo], belonged to the Punjabi Police Force.

In fact… he’s the latest recruit to [Canada’s] Winnipeg Police Service.

He wears the turban“for cultural and religious reasons” and, with the blessing of Chief Keith McCaskill, it’ll be part of his standard uniform. It’s a “symbol of Diversity.”

English: Winnipeg Police Service car. Winnipeg Police Cruiser

 The former 7-Eleven clerk has been in (OUR) country for just three years (!), but his cultural needs trump (supersedes) those of the 136-year-old Winnipeg Police Service. Apparently the W.P.S. has no cultural tradition worth preserving; its uniform has no significance, whatsoever!

[Also: Toronto Police Losing “Face”

Police Uniforms NOT Uniform]

The move isn’t uncommon in Canada, with

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