U. of Minnesota studying Somali refugee flow back to Africa

Refugee Resettlement Watch

They want to know how many, and why, Somalis previously resettled in the US (MOST Somalis in the US came through refugee resettlement***) are returning to their ‘home’ in Africa.  Researchers say they will have the results soon.

Somalis returning “home” to Somalia from Kenya. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-20919467

I want to know why if American Somalis are traveling back and forth to Somalia (as this article reports), then why are we still taking thousands of new Somali refugees fleeing to America?

From Twin Cities Daily Planet:

Though the number of people returning is “impossible to quantify,” signals such as airlines flying daily to the capital of Mogadishu or “chatter in the community about returning” can’t be ignored, said Ryan Allen, principal researcher and assistant community and economic development professor.

Humphrey research consultant Kadra Abdi said other research has looked at the financial side of people returning, but they wanted to…

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2 thoughts on “U. of Minnesota studying Somali refugee flow back to Africa

  1. I’d be very wary about these people returning for holidays to the country they originally fled due to ‘political persecution’. I suggest that someone’s been conned initially by accepting those stories. I hope that Homeland Security is considering whether these people are not just going back to gain further terrorist/propaganda training to carry out when they return to North America.

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