The “UNlucky” Country – Australia


South Africa’s FOREIGN  refugees sent to Australia!

From Refugee Resettlement WATCH

By definition, refugees are people who claim persecution, leave their home country (where the “persecution” occurred) and seek asylum in a safe country.  They are not supposed to use “safe countries” as hopping off places for a better deal somewhere else, and that is what is happening with increased frequency worldwide.   (Search ‘Malta’ here at RRW to learn more about how that came to be.)

[ Read: South African Killing Fields]

Nothing steams me more than the fact that, we, and other western countries are now taking Black AFRICANrefugees” from South Africa who claim that the Rainbow Nation is “not safe” for them.  Yet, heaven help the truly persecuted Whites in South Africa.

[“Not safe” for them?? What about: Australia Meets With Black Crime!!]


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