A White Racial Crisis


Map of countries and territories by fertility ...

Russian President Putin gets it.  Do you?

Douglas Chism

Demographics are the facts and figures pertaining to various populations trends.

The science of demographics provides us with vital information concerning births and deaths, median age and affluence of a population, immigration and ethnic/racial shifts, and much more. This knowledge is important to our study of race.

Just 100 years ago — (circa) 1900 — there were approximately 2,000,000,000 persons inhabiting the earth. In fact, it had taken many thousands of years for a struggling population to even reach that relatively modest level.

Today … in only one century alone … due to scientific and technical advances in the production of food, the treatment of diseases, sanitary living conditions, and, most recently, welfare state social policies … planet earth’s population has grown to SEVEN BILLION (7,000,000,000 people).

The most significant factor in this unprecedented growth is that almost 98%

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Canada’s Anchor Babies


By PaxCanadiana

We need to change the citizenship laws to prevent the production of these “anchor babies.”  They’re notCanadiansand shouldn’t be considered as such. They’re just pawns in a game to play Canada’s immigration system by their deceitful (foreign) parents.

Canadian visa for single entry Canadian Visa for Single Entry

I posit that the laws should be changed so that citizenship is granted only to those children born of parents whose long-term residency status is assured.  This would include Canadian citizens, those with (P.R.) permanent residency status, and refugees whose claims have been accepted and are not being contested in the courts. Those whose permanent residency is not guaranteed; like temporary foreign workers, those in Canada on a visitor’s visa or student visa, or refugees whose claims have not been determined; should not have Canadian citizenship bestowed on their children born on Canadian territory. [… as the old adage states: “Because…

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Mass Immigration’s Negative Effects


national Flag of Canada

Recent mass immigration has NEGATIVELY AFFECTED Canadian living standards and is challenging OUR existing national identity, culture, and social fabric… concludes a new book released today by the Fraser Institute, Canada’s leading economic think tank.

Based on a series of papers presented to a 2008 Montreal conference on immigration, The Effects of Mass Immigration on Canadian Living Standards and Society recommends significant changes to Canadian immigration policy including changes to the selection process that would limit the number of immigrants.

Since 1990, Canada’s annual rate of immigration has been the highest in the world, resulting in a population increase of 3.9 million people between 1990 and 2006.

[Today in 2013 … that estimate is now well over 6,000,000 new immigrants — of which a whopping 87% originate from NON-white, 3rd-World countries — a consistent trend seen for the past 23 years. See: Canada’s Black…

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Death By Excess Immigration


Immigration Watch Canada


Here are some examples of what this (immigration) industry wants to see forgotten:

*That (Canada’s) First Nations, who have been here for thousands of years, have no interest in being re-colonized.

*That, like First Nations and most self-respecting people, both French Canadians whose history goes back 400 years, and English Canadians whose roots go back almost 250 years also have no interest in being colonized.

collage of english canadians Collage of PROUD CANADIANS

*That although Canada is not an ancient nation-state, so are many others; it has existed long enough to develop its inherited institutions and is admired by most other countries.

*That Canadians should feel a duty to their ancestors to respect Canada’s past, and not to erase it and treat the country as if all Canadians arrived yesterday, and that the new have just as much of a right to determine…

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Canadian (Muslim!) professor: Canada has disarmed itself by swallowing the toxin of multiculturalism

Refugee Resettlement Watch

…..and, if Canada has, surely the US is worse because a debate like this one (hosted in part by a mainstream news outlet) would never even happen in America!  Frankly, even our major immigration control groups don’t have the nerve to address this issue publicly!

Dr. Salim Mansur has called for a moratorium on immigration to Canada from Muslim countries. http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/archives/sunnews/politics/2012/12/20121218-185339.html

Here is the story from Israel National News.   Isn’t that funny that this account of what happened is published in Israel.  The only other report I saw in Canada was one blasting the professor for his “Islamophobia!”

Emphasis below is mine:

The MacDonald-Laurier Institute and the Globe and Mail held a public conference recently on the phenomenon of Muslim immigration to the West, which debated whether or not the influx is bringing a culture of violence to Canada and other Western countries.

The debate was conducted between Doug…

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Canadian Generosity Vs. Stupidity


English: The 2010 Vancouver Sun Run, on Burrar...

A recent story from The Vancouver Sun unwittingly demonstrates the ongoing theme of serious abuse of Canadian generosity.

The article looked at the Vancouver (British Columbia) suburb of Surrey where a Seniors’ Home has just been opened to house a group of aging South Asian immigrants. The article painted a sentimental picture of the home which will house seniors in one bedroom apartments. Even the person who wrote the title of the story contributed to the sentiment, calling the place “A home with a heart”. However, the sentiment covers an unpleasant and ironic reality.

In the article, Bidar Swamy, administrator for the Progressive Intercultural Community Services Society‘s (PICS) housing, described the new facility as the first assisted living residence in North America for the South Asian population. “These are all first-generation (immigrants), they have been here a couple of decades but there is still a…

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Canada, Land of Pandering Fools



By T.M.

It’s interesting the C.B.C. (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), and Ottawa’s political class,love to trumpet the appointment of a Haitian-bornGovernor General or a Vietnamese-bornCatholic Bishop, as examples of how wonderfully “tolerant” we are.

How long will we perpetuate this self-image of Canada as a land of opportunity, a place that needs “buckets of newcomers” to inject a vitality and drive, that native-born Canadians allegedly don’t have? Isn’t this immigrant-makes-good mythology wearing a little thin in 2010?

The family farm is dead… killed by agribusiness and the development and subdivision of prime farmland by immigration-driven population growth. We don’t need waves of immigrants to homestead anymore. Our secondary industry is dead…. killed by trade agreements and globalization.

The smokestack era is over. We don’t need more people from any source to “build” the country, to create a reserve…

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Government Disloyal To Own Citizens


Photo by James Ashfield of Canadian artist Rob... Conference at QUEBEC 1864

By Kathleen Moore

The job of elected government is loyalty to its OWN citizens.

It is disloyal for government to deliberately squeeze its own citizens financially, socially, economically with far-leftist policies of “wealth redistribution” by forcing Canadians to compete for their own jobs, and on their own soil with foreigners.

Add to this the slur & libel — under intimidation from some willing media — who imply Canadians are “racists” if they object to having THEIR OWN TAX MONEY used to finance the very mass immigration that is competing for their jobs, thus depriving them of their hard-earned modest lifestyles.

Canada is moreover, constitutionally, NOTan “ethnic MIX, but a legal CONFEDERATION of its FOUNDING PEOPLES under their own sovereign legislatures established in 1867 to safeguard the fundamental right of these different communities to exist and to perpetuate themselves on their

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Canadian Culture & Integration Society


Flag of Canada over country contour

All that we enjoy in Canada today – our freedoms, institutions, and values – can be attributed to our founding fathers.

French and English settlers came to this great land and built the nation that we now call home. The foundation laid by those men and women has allowed Canada to mature and progress as it has. Without those values and institutions put into place, Canada would be a much different nation.

It follows that if a country dramatically changes the institutions and values that have allowed it to flourish, it shall no longer progress as it has under the original conditions. Any successful country would be foolish to deviate from the fundamental underpinnings of its society.

Since Official Multiculturalism was adopted, Canada has been doing all it can to deny its own cultural and historical identity. The basis of multiculturalism is a subjective assumption that all cultures sit…

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