Recipe for “New Canadians”


By PaxCanadiana


As many foreigners as you want.

1. Take foreigner(s), and place them in (mixing bowl) Canada.

2. Let sit for three (3) years.

3. Voilà!  Instant  “new Canadians!”

English: Oath of citizenship ceremony  “New Canadian” Citizenship Ceremony

Another Canada Day came and went, and along with fireworks — we Canadians — were entreated to showcasing a citizenship swearing-in ceremony by the nation’s media.

These ceremonies are perfunctory and attendance is not mandatory.  The people who show up are the ones who feel like it, while many others don’t bother.

The given impression is these people are now “Canadians”, as if to imply that saying a few words and signing one’s name to a piece of paper is all that is required to be considered Canadian.  But we know deep down that being Canadian is more than that.

Let’s put things in perspective. 

Arguably… Canada is the easiest nation to immigrate to…

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