Progressive Mating

The Kakistocracy


When I was a young man it was scandalous. The solemn redoubt of a few wretched, ostracized,and spiritually broken girls. Fat, flat, and flawed…it seemed the last refuge for the long left flank of femininity’s bell curve. Miscegenation. Race mixers. Grey Birds. It was a mark that never left some, with many young guys simply writing off those who committed this most visceral of betrayals. It was as if the girl had rendered herself anti-sexual. Men simply stopped seeing her as female.


But this was all just on the cusp of the mental pandemic that has since so devoured the West. It was in a seemingly ancient epoch when “raysis!” elicited not horror and cringing, but amusement and indifference. When grown men comported themselves with some honor and pride, rather than as groveling, effete courtiers.

But those days, much like heterosexual priests and boyscouts, are for a time that never…

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