Is Racial Separation Immoral?


By Liam Russell

It is common practice in the present day for “cultural leaders” i.e. journalists and politicians (whom I believe rank among vermin) to denounce racial separatists as being immoral.

[See: Japan Prefers Racial Homogeneity]

[See: Boycotting Multi-Racial Products]

By looking at common place literature, one would be led to believe that their view is representative of the citizenry of not only Ireland, but all citizens of the West. This inference, I think, would be mistaken.

The view of “cultural leaders” or if you prefer, ruling vermin, seems to be a minority view. That is,  the majority of ordinary citizens do not deem the principal of racial separatism to be immoral … this is at least, how it seems to myself.

[A rapidly diminishing racial proportion of people on earth … are WHITE people! The percentage of WHITE PEOPLE account

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