For a Minimum Rage

The Kakistocracy

I have long advocated for a minimum acceptable threshold of resentment, scorn, derision, and rage from the white American nation toward the treasonous state and its remora in the media and academia. Any state of complacency and composure below furious hatred to be sanctioned by civil monetary penalties and public ridicule. And it is because a certain mental state must be achieved before resistance can be induced that I spend little time on specific policy prescriptions. Most public sphere debate occurs within absurdly narrow boundaries, with nearly all topics of import now roped-off as beyond “acceptable” discourse. The only national policy items that may be openly contested are:

* Tax rates
* Gun control
* The extent to which immigration will be increased
* Which and how quickly illegals will be be sanctified
* Which countries are most deserving of our military attentions
* What transfer payments to whom will…

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