Publisher’s Memo On Immigration


WHY is the media (MSM) so utterly useless on immigration? Brenda Walker has uncovered this interesting Publisher’s Memo below.

The following guide is designed for you young and/or inexperienced writers on how to fashion an article about immigration that is acceptable to modern journalistic standards of diversity and multicultural values.(…. and you liberal-types thought your noble ideology originated from your own mind)

Management wishes that the newsroom speak in one voice about newcomers in America (or Canada), and how they contribute to our marvelous diversity which only adds to our strength. We have included examples to make it perfectly clear the tone we want. Standard phrases that may be used often are indicated within quotes. This is not rocket science, people! Follow the approved boilerplate and you will do very well.

Rather than do factual articles that would inform (and possibly alarm) readers about exploding…

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