Multi-Racial IRELAND?


Liam Russell
Ireland First

Multi-racialism, more commonly know by its politically correct euphemismmulti-culturalism”, is a social policy which has been implemented in Europe without the consent of European peoples.

 So… this is Dublin?? 

More relevant to Ireland First, it appears to have been implemented by the Irish Government without any forethought as to the consequences. Without any study of places such as the United States in which the policy has already been tried. […with disastrous results. ELN Editor]

Implementing a political policy which involves social change on a massive scale is recklessness on a magnificent scale. May I be so blunt as to say that only an idiot would put in place multi-racialism without any forethought, without any consultation with scientific experts, or more importantly, without even askingindigenous people?  Yes, only a magnificent idiot would do that.

Anytime I have come across…

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