Australia – Multiracial Invasion


White Cloud

During the great fratricidal wars that smashed Europe with the optimistic belief in unswerving human progress during the early part of the 20th century, a parallel conflict tore Australia asunder. It comprised of the two fiercely-fought campaigns that preceded referenda on conscription.

Flag of AustraliaFlag of AUSTRALIA

A factor that wove through these political battles, and arguably proved to be the clincher for the “NO” camp, was the fear of NON-white labour would be needed to fill the vacuum created by shipping reluctant Australians off to the European slaughterhouses.

A further horror filling Australian minds, was that of the miscegenation that would be brought in to train NON-white labour forces. This would be — according to the thinking of the day — nothing less than an offence against nature itself. These were fears that the opponents of conscription, including Ben Chifley, the man who would become one of

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Blacks Less Intelligent?


1890sc Artwork 02

By Idang Alibi Daily Trust (Abuja)

A few days ago, the Nobel Laureate, Dr James Watson, made a remark that is now generating worldwide uproar, especially among theblacks.

He said what to me looks like a self-evident truth. He told The Sunday Times of London in an interview that in his humble opinion, Black people are less intelligent than the White people.

KENYA Television News Story

Since then, some of us cannot hear anything else but the outrage of black people who feel demeaned by what Watson has said. So many people have called the man names. To be expected, some have said he is a “racist”.

Some even wonder how a “foolish” man like Watson could have won the Nobel Prize. Even white people who, deep in their heart, agree with Watson want to bepolitically correct… so…

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Stagnating Black Countries


Houston, we have a problem.”  — “It’s the competition –  AFRICAN SPACE PROGRAMS“.

By Elias BiryabaremaThe Monitor (Kampala, Uganda)

Mr. Yoweri Museveni [President of Uganda] has a background of good education. A calm and well exposed man. Straight thinking and intelligent, his grasp of contemporary world affairs, including some quite complex stuff, is commendably firm.  

Idi Amin Idi Amin of Uganda

For years he burned his young energies battling vile governments. Narrowly escaping death on occasions, he showed resolve, sacrifice, devotion to his people and a deep abhorrence for oppressive leadership. Sure. This man had no shortage of good qualities. 

And yet, to the astonishment of history, Mr Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has still failed us. [Twenty] years at nation-building have produced incompetence so shocking that some think a psychopathic illiterate, Idi Amin, did better work.

Uganda has been fairly stable long enough.

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What is Miscegenation?




1. …heterosexual marriage/cohabitation between different races….usually a black/white coupling in the U.S.
2. …interbreeding between members of different races.
3. …the mixing or a mixture of races by interbreeding.
Note: ONLY White Gentile Nations  are Slated for Race-Mixing
China’s Population of 1.4 BILLION or India’s Population of 1.3 BILLION – No Worries! 
Richard D. Fuerle
Erectus Walks Amongst Us
…excerpts from Chapter 29
No dog lover would want all the breeds of dogs to interbreed, so that all dogs are mongrels. No breeder of race horses would want his thoroughbreds to breed with common riding ponies. No garden lover wants all his flowers to come in only a single color or shape, or his tomatoes or apples in only a single variety, and no oenophile (wine lover) would want only a single red wine and a single white wine to choose from.

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Progressive Mating

The Kakistocracy


When I was a young man it was scandalous. The solemn redoubt of a few wretched, ostracized,and spiritually broken girls. Fat, flat, and flawed…it seemed the last refuge for the long left flank of femininity’s bell curve. Miscegenation. Race mixers. Grey Birds. It was a mark that never left some, with many young guys simply writing off those who committed this most visceral of betrayals. It was as if the girl had rendered herself anti-sexual. Men simply stopped seeing her as female.


But this was all just on the cusp of the mental pandemic that has since so devoured the West. It was in a seemingly ancient epoch when “raysis!” elicited not horror and cringing, but amusement and indifference. When grown men comported themselves with some honor and pride, rather than as groveling, effete courtiers.

But those days, much like heterosexual priests and boyscouts, are for a time that never…

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Recipe for “New Canadians”


By PaxCanadiana


As many foreigners as you want.

1. Take foreigner(s), and place them in (mixing bowl) Canada.

2. Let sit for three (3) years.

3. Voilà!  Instant  “new Canadians!”

English: Oath of citizenship ceremony  “New Canadian” Citizenship Ceremony

Another Canada Day came and went, and along with fireworks — we Canadians — were entreated to showcasing a citizenship swearing-in ceremony by the nation’s media.

These ceremonies are perfunctory and attendance is not mandatory.  The people who show up are the ones who feel like it, while many others don’t bother.

The given impression is these people are now “Canadians”, as if to imply that saying a few words and signing one’s name to a piece of paper is all that is required to be considered Canadian.  But we know deep down that being Canadian is more than that.

Let’s put things in perspective. 

Arguably… Canada is the easiest nation to immigrate to…

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ANTI-White Campaign



[The] slick White Race Guilt campaign in Duluth, Minnesota kindly informs citizens that everything bad is secretly the fault of all us “evil” White people — just for being born White.

[See: White Students – Bow Your Heads!]

One of the brains, I found behind this propaganda campaign, is the JewessTema Okun (bottom right), who obviously has herself a nice career milking this White guilt crap. This kind of insidious Jew does whatever they can to make moolah from the race extortion racket, preying on corporations and government bureaucracies all across the country.

Funny, virtually all crime in Duluth is due to immigrant blacks from Somalia. I guess that’s just because they don’t get enough free government handouts and race favors for being black … and allowed into the U.S. (uh, why do we even let these criminal, piratical Somalis here in the…

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