Diversity Is A Fraud


The “Ghost” of Thomas Paine Speaks

The promise of “diversity” is that people of many different (races), backgrounds, interests, nationalities, religions, and philosophies will work together in a university or place of employment. The usual strong implication — or occasional stated reason — is that because of their inherent differences, a diverse population possesses complementary skills and experience, and the resulting whole unit would be stronger. Who could oppose such a Utopia?

The reality is a far cry from the above. The problem is that “diversity” does not really mean the above.

Diversity is a code word, a euphemism for a racial preference system where chosen minority groups are given preferences because of their skin color. The gentle veneer of  the word ‘diversity’ shrouds an illegal, dishonest, and hypocritical racial agenda.

Real people get hurt by diversity. Qualified candidates get passed over, and unqualified persons get…

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