Hidden Messages In T.V. Advertising


[This snippet is from Anti-White Media who does an outstanding job at deciphering coded commercial messages and deserves recognition for encouraging readers to “read between the lines” whenever a social engineering message has a dominating affect over the selling-item itself. – ELN Editor.]

“Yet another (T.V. commercial) video in which Whites are humiliated under the watchful, judgemental gaze of glorifiedBlacks.

French psychologist Jacques Lacan speaks of the Big Other as anyone before whom one must keep up appearances. The “Big Other” might be the watchful gaze of a god or a parent — whom we as devout worshippers or as children — try to appease and impress .

Here at :10 the “Big Other” becomes the Black guy. The slightly thick-set White woman, with her stiff and awkward attempt at rhythmic Africanized Ghetto-grinding, cannot win his approval… try, as she might.


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