Importing Jamaican “Culture”


(en) Jamaica Location (he) מיקום ג'מייקה Jamaica


Canada Imports Jamaican Culture of Single Mothers-Multiple Fathers

Where are the fathers?

There’s a hidden crisis in [Toronto]. Single (Black) mothers speak out about the scary struggle to raise children who don’t expect to survive past the age of 25.

In other —and I am sure unrelated– news “Parents, kids flee hail of bullets”.

Residents run for cover as gunfight erupts to disrupt barbecue near home where Jordan Manners once lived.

[See: Black Violence Comes To IRELAND

AUSTRALIA Meets With Black Crime]

The absentee “father”, and “mothers” of children by several different men is often cited as a characteristic of members of (Black) gang culture.

[Recent story:  Clifenton Ford, 38 yrs. old, a father of TEN (10) kids is TORONTO’s latest murder victim.]

The SIX (6!) different women who have mothered his children, all stopped by the sports bar on…

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