Luftwaffe Pilot Spared B-17 Pilot’s Life



Charlie Brown was a B-17 Flying Fortress pilot with the 379th Bomber Group at Kimbolton, England.

A few days before Christmas in 1943, Charlie Brown’s B-17, (called ‘Ye Old Pub’) was in a terrible state after having been hit by flak and fighters. The compass was damaged and the bomber was flying deeper over enemy territory … instead of heading back to Kimbolton (England).

After unknowingly flying over the German airfield, a German Luftwaffe pilot named Franz Stigler … was ordered to take off and shoot down the enemy B-17 bomber airplane. 

When nearing the B-17, Stigler could not believe his eyes. In his words, he ‘had never seen a plane in such a bad state‘. The tail and rear section was severely damaged, and the tail gunner wounded. The top gunner was all over the top” of the fuselage…

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Unauthorized Xmas Truce 1914 – WWI


German and British officer together during the 1914 Christmas truceGERMANtroops held Christmas trees up out of the trenches with signs, “MERRY CHRISTMAS.” “You no shoot, we no shoot.”

(Photo) Together, a German and a British Military Officer fraternizing on the open battlefield.

On CHRISTMAS DAY, 1914, in the first year of World War I, German, British, and French soldiers DISOBEYED their superiors and FRATERNIZED with the “enemy” along two-thirds of the Western Front. 

THOUSANDS of troops streamed across a no-man’s land strewn with rotting corpses.They sang Christmas carols together — exchanged photographs of loved ones back home — shared rations — played football and even roasted some pigs.

Soldiers embraced men they had been trying to kill a few short hours before. Theyagreed to warn each other if the top brass forced them to fire their weapons, and to aim high.

[See recently discovered French photos of some of the faces of British…

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More Foreign Refugees To Support


Former Sudanese Refugees Return Home

BY Jennifer O’Brien
(Ontario) Free Press


Nearly 100 refugees from Southeast Asia — 52 of them children — have [comfortably] settled in London since November after living for years in a refugee camp on the Thai border.

[Is the “children” insert supposed to pull at the heart strings of gullible Canadians and make this story more palatable to taxpayers who are able to calculate the enormous co$t factor of this expensive endeavour? -Editor-]

[Why take the extreme health risk of bringing in these unvetted,  illiterate, unknown foreign nationals into OUR countries and who mingle with other riders on our public transportation systems, who attend our public schools and/or shopping centres and receive “free” welfare and hospitalization services?? Meanwhile, educated, healthy and productive Europeanimmigrants MUST have a plethora of health certificates and proven educational documents before landing on Canadian soil. Well over 7 BILLION…

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Cheating International Student “Immigrants”


By Dan Murray


Citizenship and Immigration says that more than 130,000 foreign students come to study in Canada every year. Thousands more come to study English or French. The ages of the students vary. Some are university level. Some are high school. But some are coming as elementary students, even around the Grade 1 level. The latter case should ring alarm bells about itself, and the entire foreign student programme in Canada.

[Editor’s Note: Needless to say, probably 99% of these “backdoor immigrants” originate from NON-white countries. Few foreign “students”, are flocking here from Britain, France, or other European Nations.]


Romania, Germany, Canada, Hungary

WHY are foreign parents sending such young children [living thousands of kilometers away] to Canadian schools? And why are they putting such young children into the care of — in many cases — complete strangers? The suspicion that many Canadians have…

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