RCMP Cleaning House?

Despite the “pushback” against RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson for publicly denigrating some of the harassment claims being levelled against his federal police force (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) … he does have a point.

Policing is not for everyone.

To be both blunt and accurate, there are those (people) in the job … who are simply not cut out for it.

Over the years, affirmative action has slowly diluted the recruitment pool … all based on the politicallycorrect position against discrimination for sex, size, race — with the only exception being the overt discrimination against unilingual (and traditional) English WHITE males wanting to wear the red serge.

As a result, the force — and its international reputation — is being tarnished by those who joined the force solely for the good pay, the job security and a handsome pension — all while giving little or no thought at the beginning, to the trauma that will be witnessed over the years, the male-dominated genetics that historically prevail, or the para-military and often bully-boy mindset required to courageously serve and protect the public.

Being a cop is NOT for sissies, or sensitive egos.

But even the strongest can break down. Paulson has not denied there is a problem within his force. That would have been stupid.

Posttraumatic stress in policing is not an exaggeration, as was recently illuminated by Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin in the largest report his office ever published following an award-winning investigative Sun Media series that revealed Ontario‘s provincial force (O.P.P.) was treating PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) as more phantom than real. And, problems with sexual harassment do exist.

Paulson, in fact, was (very) explicit.

There are, there have been, and sadly, there may well be other bona fide victims of sexual harassment in the RCMP,” he said.

He called them “meritorious victims” of harassment, and claimed he “held hands with women as they were going out the door with tales of horror.” Where we part ways with Paulson, however, is where he calls some claims of sexual harassment “outlandish” because they were purportedly dealt with 25 years ago, and are (now) suddenly back in the headlines. There is no statute of limitations on trauma.

While it may be frustrating, Paulson knew (when) coming in … he had a mess to clean up. This is part of it.   > Source


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