“Temporary” Foreign Workers


From Immigration Watch Canada

Canadian employers and some governments continue to whip up hysteria that Canada has a “worker shortage“.


Tim Horton’s (restaurant chain) is one of the employers taking advantage of the hysteria.

Tim Hortons in Ottawa, ON, Canada

Between 2007 and 2012, they (Tim Horton’s) received permission to bring close to 15,000Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW’s) to Canada.

(Editor’s Note: Those 15,000 FOREIGN workers are equivalent to the entire Canadian population of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.)

Many other employers have done the same thing. Together, Tim Horton’s and other employers were allowed to bring in about 400,000 TFW’s in 2012.

(Editor’s Note: That massive influx of “Temporary” FOREIGN Workersexceeds the entire Canadian population of Halifax, Nova Scotia.)


Like [our] regular immigration program, Canada’s TFW program is being used to flood the labour market and to cause wage stagnation or wage depression. Most of…

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