By Jared Taylor 

For anyone who ever wondered just how much more likely Blacks or Hispanics commit various crimes other than Whites… the answers are here:



Minorities, Crime and Punishment

http://www.nc-f.org/colorcrime1999.htm (PDF File)

[Important NOTE: “For this survey respondents self identify with one or more racial categories. Racial categories for this report are white only, black only, and other race only. The “other” category is composed of Asian Pacific Islanders, and American Indians, Aleuts, and Eskimos, if only one of these races is given (NO HISPANICS??). Persons reporting two or more races are included in the category of “more than one race“. The race of the head of household is used for computing household crime demographics”.

In other words, Mexicans and other Hispanics are INCLUDED in the “White only” category, a methodology that vastly…

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