By Theodore Dalyrymple

The multiculturalist liberal believes that all cultures are equal, except for his own … which is uniquely “wicked” and “imperialist”. 

Assimilation — in his view — would be yet another despicable instance of cultural imperialism—but, of course, it would also throw doubt upon his own world outlook, which he has adopted precisely to establish his own superior [racist?] broad-mindedness and tolerance.

This was long thought to be the only portrait ...

 After all, my Indian medical students who know Shakespeare, and speak what used to be called the King’s English, might suggest to him that the very people whose culture he claims to defend often see great value in the culture (to say nothing of the institutions) he is defending them from, and that therefore his presuppositions are profoundly mistaken.

Keeping foreigners in cultural ghettos is thus a necessity for him, if he is to preserve his self-regard.

And it is not difficult…

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