Not Our Problem!

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By Tom Godfrey, Toronto Sun

A man who says he left his wife and young son behind in China to escape forced sterilization, has won the first round in a bid for refugee status.

[Throughout the entire world many thousands of spouses leave their mates for unknown reasons every day, yet this unknown foreigner who hails from a another country half-way around the world tells us this unverified story and…. and we’re duped into believing it?]

Yong Gang Liang, 35, told an Immigration and Refugee Board hearing he fled to Canada in January, 2005 after being ordered to report for sterilization so his family didn’t break China’s one-child policy.

[This is no valid reason to accept any supposed “refugee’s” claim. If one of Canada’s largest trading partners has policies set up to stem their huge population growth, we should accept their decisions, or otherwise cut off trade with China.]

Liang “claimed” he was going to be compelled to undergo sterilization because his wife was ill after having a forced abortion in September, 2004 when she was pregnant with their second child. The couple have an eight-year-old son.

“To avoid his destiny, the applicant fled China and arrived in Canada,” said Mr. Justice Frederick Gibson, of the Federal Court of Canada.

[Canada is a long way to flee when perhaps a nearby Asian country would suffice, yes??]

“He told tales of horror: Forced abortion and threats of forced sterilization.”

[Was he falsely imprisoned or threatened with death? Again, not Canada’s problem!]

The case was dismissed by the board, and then appealed to the federal court.

Liang told the court he and his wife, who remained in China, would like to have a second child, which is illegal under China’s one-child policy.

[Well, then make the proper applications to immigrate to another country if you’re not happy with your own country’s policies…..this is NOT just cause to file a refugee claim! He is wasting our time!]

“The claimant’s exclusive premise for making a refugee claim is based primarily on the future possibilities of he and his spouse bearing an additional child,” Liang’s immigration documents state.

[This tale is becoming more ludicrous by the minute, and I’m asking why are we spending so much valuable judicial time and tax-payer’s money on China’s “problem”??]

Liang’s lawyer Mark Rosenblatt refused to comment on the case since it’s still being heard.

[Who is providing this uninvited guest with the necessary means of food, clothing, accommodation, health care…. and not to mention those expensive lawyers? Well, it’s the working Canadian taxpayer who is ‘on the hook’ for all his expenses.]

Avvy Go, of the Metro Toronto Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic, said China’s one-child per family policy remains firmly in place.

“This case is not out of the ordinary,” Go said. “We have come across a number of these cases.”

[Canada does not want to set a precedent for another back-door refugee policy that opens the flood-gates to other Chinese who would drown us out of our own country in a couple of generations.]

China’s population: –1,350,000,000

Canada’s population: —34,000,000


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