Stuff Black People Don’t Like

Some people still don’t get (the website)  Stuff Black People Don’t Like.

Why have a website like SBPDL? Is it run by Black people? Is it run by white people who dislike Black people?

We get a lot of email from curious readers asking similar questions (e-mail us at and thought it might be time to throw the cards on the table.

The United States is a failed nation, for we exist as a nation of cowards when it comes discussing race – Eric Holder was right – and yet, the reality of race is right before our lying eyes.

Watch the nightly news cast to see two things: Black people excelling at sports and at crime.

If that last statement upsets you, well, you have no business operating in the real world.

Taxes could rise or fall; health care reform could pass or fail; immigration could be stopped tomorrow; yet, these facts don’t undercut the reality that America is a failed – and cowardly – state.

Institutionalized racism against white people in every sector of society (law, business, academy, sports, Hollywood) is now the norm, and yet, white people still bend over backwards to help out non-white people, like Michael Oher and other non-whites through adoption.

Even in the face of the United States dissolving and breaking apart, white people go out of their way to help out non-white people – especially Black people – and then go and see a movie (The Blind Side) about it, just to feel better about themselves.

SBPDL is a website dedicated to educating the world about Stuff Black People Don’t Like. Does that mean we are Black or white? Michael Jackson famously said it don’t matter if you are Black or white… so we won’t answer that question.

What we will answer is this: SBPDL will be back soon with new entries. We don’t believe in racism at SBPDL either, nor will we tolerate it. What we will tolerate and promulgate is facts, backed by links and honest discussion of race.

So what do you say at a moment like this? SBPDL will be back tomorrow with a discussion of doctors and another on tutoring of college athletes (yes, another college football entry), so we hope you’ll have a lot to say.

In the meantime, SBPDL would like to pay homage to an individual they cared about greatly who passed away four years ago in early December 2005. That person lost a battle with cancer and yet, at the end of their life they were more apologetic for leaving a world for our generation to inherit that stood on the cusp of disaster then with their untimely passing.



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