Canada Recruits British Police Officers

By Sarah Chapman, Calgary Herald

Ten years and 6488 km (4030 miles) later, two Scottish police officers who trained together in Glasgow once again found themselves in the same recruit class — this time, with the CALGARY POLICE SERVICE.


Mark Dickson, 34, left, and John Ross, 32, trained together 10 years ago to become police officers in Scotland. Now they're doing it all over in Calgary. Mark Dickson (34 yrs.) left, and John Ross (32 yrs.) from Scotland and are now policemen in Calgary (Canada). Photo: Ted Jacob, Calgary Herald
The two met again at an immigration seminar about a year and a half ago. They both talked about moving to Canada, but neither had decided which police service they would join. In a serendipitous turn, they both applied to the Calgary Police Service, moved to Cochrane, Alberta (Population Demographics) with their young families and even found themselves in the same recruit class once more.[…]

Calgary Police Assisting Motorist

[Annual BASE PAY (pg. 31) $83,315 for 5th-year CONSTABLE      — EQUIVALENT to £55,600 (GBP)

EXCEEDS Chief Inspector’s Salary? (U.K.) May 13, 2010]


(Compare South Australia Police Salary)
Compare U.K. Police Salary

London Bobby’s Story

[UPDATE: CALGARY Police are now ONLY accepting CVs and resumes (not applications) from INTERNATIONAL applicants for future consideration.
No restrictions on Canadian or PR applicants.

BRITS interested in pursuing a Canadian police career may apply for PR (Permanent Residency) through the London Office at:

*More LINKS at bottom of page

Ross and Dickson are two of more than 100 experienced officers who have been lured from their jobs in the U.K. by Calgary’s department in a desperate attempt to bolster the local ranks. Ross, 32, heard about the Calgary Police service in Glasgow during a recruitment drive and attended an information session the department held there. “I was obviously impressed,” he says.


Dickson believes that police services back home are starting to catch on. “I think they’re more and more aware that they are becoming a marketplace,” he said. “They are losing a lot of people to Canada and I think they’re very aware that they are up against the job market and people looking at police forces will look to other countries.”

Calgary’s place in the international bidding war for experienced officers is strengthened by the police service’s partnership with the ALBERTA government. The Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP) fast-tracks visas for applicants once they are deemed to be suitable recruits. While a visa would normally take up to five years to obtain… [U.K.] police recruits can receive their visa in about six months.

Constables Stewart O’Neill and Denise McPhee (Calgary Police) spent three weeks in London [England] and Glasgow [Scotland] last year to advertise for the Calgary Police Service and host a booth at an immigration show. They spoke to more than 500 people at the Canadian High Commission in London and held four information sessions with 50 potential recruits at each.

Written tests — a requirement for applicants — were conducted for 186 Brits. “We’ve hired 59 contracts under the provincial nominee program,” said O’Neill, adding another 46 U.K. officers have been hired after previously obtaining their visas. Nearly all of those recruits are experienced officers.

O’Neill himself was lured to Calgary’s police service from London. He was an officer when his wife qualified for a visa and the family started looking into suitable Canadian cities. It was a choice between Halifax, Vancouver or Calgary.

In 2002, the family came to Calgary to explore the city.

Calgary was heavily promoted in the U.K.,” he said. “We liked the location and economically, it was good for us. Coming here seemed the right thing.” Other factors also influenced O’Neill in his decision: a lower crime rate, a higher standard of living, minimal traffic and opportunities for his children to participate in sports.

The biggest consideration was the well-being of his family, which is likely the motivating factor for other U.K. recruits… according to O’Neill. >Source


POLICE EXPAT Disussion Forum

[UPDATE: EDMONTON (Alberta) POLICE  have cancelled the fast-tracked program for INTERNATIONAL applicants effective February, 2010. ONLY Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents may now apply. However, the EPS will accept international resumes (with supporting documents) and kept for future consideration. ]

The cities of Edmonton, Alberta and Calgary, Alberta were the only two police agencies known to assist with obtaining your PR in Canada)

Edmonton Police SALARY (2012 Base)





1st Year Constable $59 124 $2 265 $28.31
2nd Year Constable $62 654 $2 401 $30.01
3rd Year Constable $73 243 $2 806 $35.08
4th Year Constable $80 303 $3 077 $38.46
5th Year Constable $88 245 $3 381 $42.26
Sr. Constable, Level I
(8 Years Complete)
$94 422 $3 618 $45.23
Sr. Constable, Level II
(11 Years Complete)
$96 187 $3 685 $46.06
Sergeant/Detective $105 894 $4 057 $50.71
Staff Sergeant $116 483 $4 463 $55.79

[CURRENCY CALCULATOR – Foreign Exchange rates]

[CURRENCY CALCULATOR – Exchange rates]



ONTARIO Provincial Police >O.P.P. RECRUITMENT<

Check out the (O.P.P) Ontario Provincial Police and Toronto Police, although no assistance in obtaining permanent residency (PR) is offered by the province of OntarioU.K. applicants must now have Permanent Residency BEFORE acceptance into most Canadian police services.   


U.K. OFFICE — Province of ALBERTA

Province of ALBERTA JOBS


Sheriffs (Alberta province) RECRUITMENT

Vancouver Police RECRUITMENT

Victoria Police (British Columbia) RECRUITMENT

Vancouver Transit Police RECRUITMENT

Saint John Police (New Brunswick) RECRUITMENT

(More recruiting agencies at bottom of page)

READ His Story:

Lewis Hastie

U.K. Office – Province of Alberta

About Alberta Calgary


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Transit Special Constable Services


Parks Police

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